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Loren Jansch

My knowledge of Loren is through my friend Bert and the first thing to say is how content they were in each other's company. Outside of his writing Bert was a man of few words and by contrast Loren almost bubbled over with enthusiasm on the phone about anything and everything to do with music and Bert's place in it.

I first became aware of young Loren when she began working on an album that had many artists I knew making contributions to the recording. I think that is where she first met Bert.

Years fly by and their relationship flourished and they eventually married and Bert enjoyed some of his happiest times. Loren put her own musical career on hold whilst gently taking the reins on Bert's.

Through her efforts and tireless, contagious, enthusiasm she persuaded Bert to take on projects and follow up routes that I know he would have been reluctant to do by himself. His profile steadily increased along with and in proportion to her lovely smile and she even performed the seemingly impossible of getting Pentangle to re-form to huge critical acclaim. Through their struggle with illness their bond became even more strong, each of them raising their strength to help the other whilst from the wings we watched in awe as they took on work in a continuum that would have exhausted even a fit and well couple.

It was as if music breathed the oxygen of hope into them both. When Bert finally succumbed to his illness I wrote down a few thoughts to Loren in which I tried to point out that she brought a stability and order to Bert's life and her unstinting work and and admiration for his art raised up his reputation to where it should always have been and now where forever it will remain.

What greater selfless love is there than to stand in the shadow and let the light from one's efforts shine brightly on the one you love?

Loren's work is over now, and if the torch she lit for Bert's work is ever inadvertently dropped, there are enough of us to see that it is picked up and that his legacy will continue.

A few weeks ago at Bert's funeral,Loren said, and here I must paraphrase, that she always hoped that Bert's song As Fresh as a Sweet Sunday Morning (although composed before they had met) could have been written for her. Well I remember Bert writing that song and recording it and regardless of what others may have it, I always thought that it was a song of aspiration, in hope that he would one day meet this woman described in the lyric. Well Loren, he did meet her and when ever I hear this song I will think of you.

He did write it for you.

Ralph McTell

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